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“I’ll take a burrito, 3 taco supremes and a zzzzzzzzzz….”

Those of you who read this blog regularly already know that I really dislike drunk drivers.  I’m all for having a good time, but risking the lives and the well being of others by climbing into the drivers seat of 5,000 pounds of moving steel just because you are too cheap or too lazy to call a cab (or walk or hitch a ride) is inexcusable in my book.  Occasionally I like to feature such idiots when they are arrested for DUI in less than flattering scenarios.

Last week in Kingsport, Tennessee police arrested a 34 year old woman who had passed out at the wheel of her Dodge Stratus.  According to the Kingsport Times News, police arrived on the scene to find Crystal Wallen Lane passed out at the wheel, the engine of her car still running, and several CASES of open beer bottles and numerous medications for which she had no prescription located inside the vehicle.

Oh, and she was passed out in the drive-through of a Taco Bell.  Classy!

I’ve heard of sudden napping after a big meal, but not alcohol induced narcolepsy in anticipation of one.  Ms Lane was arrested for DUI as well as possession and transported to jail where one can assume that the food served is of a lesser quality than what she was accustomed to at the fast food chain.

“I’ll take a little free coffee with my free creamer.”

This week’s Jack Ass Customer of the Week comes fresh from my bar last night.  This woman strolled up the bar, plopped her nearly luggage sized purse on top and began rambling about wanting a cup of coffee and not having any money.  I continued to serve customers around this seemingly immovable object until I could stand it no longer.  Swiftly, I handed her a cup of coffee in an effort to get her to go away.

Slowly, she reassembled the crap strewn about my bar, packed it into her arm luggage, then proceeded to pour SIX, (yes, SIX,) liquid Coffeemate Hazelnut creamers into her grifted 10 ounce cup O’ Joe.  Of course she left all six little empty containers on the bar along with her Sweet N Low mess and the lint from her purse.  Classy!

Jack Ass!

Woman Called Poor Tipper Procures Lawyer – Winston-Salem News Story – WXII The Triad

Woman Called Poor Tipper Procures Lawyer – Winston-Salem News Story – WXII The Triad.

Click on the link to read about this Winston-Salem Woman who was such a serial bad tipper, the restaurant refused to seat her unless she agreed to pay an 18% gratuity.  So, she started a signature campaign for “fair treatment.”  Classic Jack Ass behavior.

At the end of the article, you may click on the restaurants online petition and sign it to say “Shame on Monica the Bad Tipper.”