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Drink Slinger of the Week: Tracy

September 19th:  Tracy from The Grand Cafe

Drink Slinger of the Week: Rachel

September 12th:  Rachel from Santiago’s

Drink Slinger of the Week – Landon

September 4th:  Landon  –  The Porch

Landon works every Tuesday night at The Porch on Caroline at Duval.  Tip him well……his wife is about to have their first baby next month!

Drink Slingers of the Week-Cindy & Kassi

August 29th:  Cindy & Kassi   –   Southernmost Beach Cafe

Next weekend (Labor Day Weekend) is the Key West Brew Fest at Southernmost Beach Cafe.   For details, cut and paste the following link:

Drink Slinger of the Week: Andrew

August 21st:  Andrew  –  The Orchid Bar

(The Orchid Bar is tucked away inside the Orchid Key Inn on Duval at Truman.  In addition to fine wines, the Orchid Bar features fresh squeezed juices!)

Drink Slingers of the Week- 2 Melissas & a Marrisa

August 14th:  Missy, Smithers & Marrisa  –  Schooner Wharf

Drink Slinger of the Week – Carol

August 7:  Tattoo Carol  – Grunts

Drink Slinger of the Week – Grubby

August 1st:  Grubby  –  The Porch

Drink Slingers of the Week – Angela & C Bell

July 23rd:  Angela & C Bell  –  The Galleon Tiki Bar

Drink Slinger of the Week – Rachel & her Sake-tini

July 16th:  Rachel  –  Taku (That new tapas place in the old Opera location on Duval)