Whose Blog is This?

Hi!  I’m Leigh Pujado and I’d like to welcome you to the Drinkslinger Blog.  (Yes that’s me on the far left serving a beer to a donkey.)

I started this site out of necessity.  Virtually all books and blogs on bartending and the beverage industry are either guises for liquor brands to advertise their products or platforms to cram drink recipes down our throats.  This site is neither.

This site is the on-line community for everyone who sells booze.  My mission is to create camaraderie between service industry people as well as foster an environment for bartenders and servers to read, to rant, to communicate and to commiserate on the wonderful world of the beverage service industry.  From the lively bar community of sunny Key West, Florida, welcome all servers, bartenders and beverage industry enthusiasts!

Look for updates of your favorite local bartenders under “Drink Slinger of the Week” and feel free to make a nomination.  Select reader submitted photos and stories will be posted under “Designated Drinkers”  &  “Jackass Customer of the Week.”   Please send your bar stories and photos to:  drinkslingerblog@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by.  Come again soon!

Leigh Pujado  –  Key West, Florida

10 responses to “Whose Blog is This?

  1. David Evans

    I love this blog!! Am looking forward to all updates!

  2. Cindy

    Hey Leigh, this is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to contribute and be entertained.

  3. Melissa

    Lookin good, Leigh!

  4. Larz Yerxa

    Hi Leigh,
    Love the project. I”d like to suggest a place where you Drinkslingers can answer questions, settle arguments, etc. from the non-serving public. Hopefully a better educated consumer (pun intended) is a better customer.


  5. I love the blog Leigh! Great idea and great job with it. Certainly look forward to hear more and possibly contribute something eventually.

  6. so nice meet you last night. jim

  7. notafanofbartab

    your comments of the stick & stein are uncalled for. So they are not your tourist bar or maybe a hip bar as you like to report on, they are what key west is all about yes serving everyone as equals no matter what you wear or where you came form or where you live. did you know they have been in business for 37 years and over the years have donated to every cause that has ever asked unless it promotes those under 21 .yes over the years they have donated over 88 thousand dollars to ms for the ugly bartenders contest. i have a copy of the article. ask the silver liners about stick and stein they will tell you or autism or breast cancer. they are not some quick money tourist trap but a community minded business that everyone loves. they have the best pool tables and offer it free everyday from 10 am till 4pm and midnight till 4am every day lets see one of your other bars offer that and 10 cent wings on every tuesday and thursday can any of your high priced advertisers say that. your bar tab magazine is so far behind that it still talks about the bolwingo that was wiped out in hurricane wilma in 2005. so before you talk bad about a bar that does not advertise in your magazine get your facts right. stick and stein is a great place that is affordable and is for the locals no matter what they wear come in your t shirts and flip flops you will be welcome with open arms and treated with respect as you should be in the real key west. banana outfits welcome as well. we are a true one human family bar.

    • Thank you for you recent comment. It is good to hear that the Stick and Stein is such a charitable establishment and that they’ve enjoyed more than 37 years in business. That sort of longevity in this business is rare so they must be doing more than a few things right.
      Allow me to clear up a few things: I was not “talking bad” about your bar. I merely posed a hypothetical question to readers. While the Stick and Stein may very well be a great bar to a great many people, it is also a smoky bar located in strip mall next to a K-mart on an island with numerous choices in drinking establishments, many of which offer a better view than the Dollar Store the Dialysis Center. But that’s not why I chose them as the bar of mention in the hypothetical “the only place you may drink alcohol” article. Over the years I’ve poked fun of many establishments…..some of which I frequent. I expect to be poked back and my favorite person to make fun of is myself. When I’ve mentioned Stick and Stein in the past (in another publication) their reactions were so combative and angry that, well, I couldn’t help but continue poking in hopes they’d lighten up. They didn’t.
      Every once in a while, I try to tease them again, but sadly, some folks don’t share my sense of humor and that is ok.

      I hope the Stick and Stein continues its success in the bar business and continues their great charitable endeavors.
      In my next hypothetical article, perhaps I’ll ask readers to choose between the following:
      1) They may drink alcohol wherever they please, but I will obnoxiously be at their side at all times.
      or 2) They may only drink alcohol while wearing an Oscar Myer Weiner Hot Dog suit.

      I’m guessing most folks will choose option two.
      Best Wishes,

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