Hangover by Billy Collins

Here’s a funny poem by former Poet Laureate, Billy Collins.  Each Winter he graces our island, presenting his work during the Key West Literary Seminar.  He read this poem last year and brought the house down on our nerdy little herd of literature geeks.

Hangover by Billy Collins

If I were crowned emperor this morning,

every child who is playing Marco Polo

in the swimming pool of this motel,

shouting the name Marco Polo back and forth

Marco Polo Marco Polo

would be required to read a biography

of Marco Polo-a long one with fine print-

as well as a history of China and of Venice,

the birthplace of the venerated explorer

Marco Polo Marco Polo

after which each child would be quizzed

by me then executed by drowning

regardless how much they managed

to retain about the glorious life and times of

Marco Polo Marco Polo


2 responses to “Hangover by Billy Collins

  1. Great post, very informative. Keep up the good work, Thanks.

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