Update on The Porch- BYOB (Buy your own barstool)

Key Westers are eagerly awaiting the opening of downtown’s newest and coolest watering hole, The Porch.

Chris Shultz, Keith St. Peter and Jamille Cucci are creating this amazing wine and micro brew tavern carved out of the corner spot in the beautiful historic Porter House at Duval and Caroline Streets.  With forty-six prime people watching seats, The Porch promises more than  the average bar.  Chris plans to offer “beer school” conducted by a real Cicero, (the sommelier of beer) and monthly wine tastings.

The Porch is ALMOST open for business.  Shiny new coolers have been delivered, the bathroom has been tiled, Brad Blask has built the bar and the booths.  All that remains is the purchase of Porch seats and some not so itty bitty City impact fees.

Want to help get this bar up and running by June 1st?

Come to the Special Four Course Wine Dinner to help The Porch purchase drinking seats Sunday May 16th at 7 PM.

Reserved seats cost $75 per person and include spectacular food by Chefs Chris Otten and Keith St Peter and wonderful wines.

RSVP @ The Cafe 509 Southard  305-296-5515


6 responses to “Update on The Porch- BYOB (Buy your own barstool)

  1. Landon

    It’s going to have some pretty great bartenders from what I hear.

  2. Lee and Rick Bacon

    I do I do!!!!!

  3. Cathy Cook

    We will be there next Tuesday the 18th. Will they be open next week?

    • The “soft opening” is the reserved seating dinner on Sunday the 16th. Official opening date is the beginning of June. Please stay tuned.

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    • Just to be clear, the Porch wasn’t asking for “donations.” Simply, several parties involved and invested in this new bar donated their time, talents and services to put together a dinner party. Money earned from tickets purchased for the dinner helped cover some of the overhead of opening The Porch. None of the help or donation of time was solicited from the public. That WOULD be yucky!

      The Porch is open for business, and might I add……it’s a fabulous little place!

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