Quit Your Job and Open a Bar?

Quit Your Job and Open a Bar?

Chris Shultz, one of the guys who told you to “Quit Your Job and Move to Key West,” is quitting his job (sort of) and opening a bar!

The Porch at 429 Caroline Street is Chris’s vision of a quaint neighborhood wine bar with a super cool atmosphere and a killer view.  He has secured an amazing space at the corner of Caroline and Duval within the historic Porter House which boasts giant windows, high ceilings and a wrap around porch.  The Porter House, built in 1838, is on the National Register of Historic Places, a distinction given to only a handful of homes.  The bar will occupy the first floor corner across from The Bull, overlooking one of the most magnificent people watching corners in Key West.

Chris plans to serve an excellent variety of wines and micro brews and provide an oasis in the middle of the Duval Street madness.  The Porch is slated to open mid May.  Stay tuned as the Drinkslinger follows its upcoming opening.


25 responses to “Quit Your Job and Open a Bar?

  1. Chris is a prince of a guy. and this bar is going to be a huge success, no doubt. The high ceilings, the century-old porch, the ambience. Can’t wait, Chris. Count me in as a porch-monger.

  2. David

    Since we cruise through the Bull regularly, this will be a great “next stop” on our rambling around. Looking forward to it opening.

  3. MaryRose

    Do you need a responsible employee who is in love with Key West?

  4. Loria

    Hope to see The Porch on the list next year for St. Patty’s Dat Pub Crawl

  5. Landon

    Excellent! I’ll be there (and behind the bar one night a week too).

  6. Hey so I took you’re advice and “quit my job and moved to key west”! I’ll definitely check your place out when it opens!

  7. thomas payne

    do you need a Chef to work for you……

  8. Rehana

    the way this SB6 bill in Florida is going…i might as well take my 10 yr old daughters advice and to the same.

  9. LoneStar

    One can only hope there will be either a)rocking chairs or b) Adirondacks on said wrap around porch for sippin and sittin?

  10. Chris….All the best….see you down there!

  11. Fabu! You will have to pry me out of my seat….no….really!! XO

  12. Niamh Murphy

    Aww! You stole my dream!! Good luck. I will be down for a coctail when you open.

  13. Too bad it won’t be opened until mid-May – Sounds like my kind of stop in and relax and have a beverage kind of place on the way up and down Duval. Will check out the progress when I’m in town in early May.

  14. Right On, Chris!

  15. Dude we are so there. If you need a part-time wine steward let me know!

  16. Andrea

    10 woman will be vacationing in Key West may 13- 16th…keeping my fingers crossed you will be open by then!

  17. Kerensa

    Wow I have some weird, and frankly hazy memories of past good times in the Porter House. Looking forward to many more 😀

  18. Windie

    AWESOME Chris! I loved living there. Great location! Pefect too if you can get Susan to let you use the front yard for events!

  19. Congrats on the acquisition, Chris. It’s a great corner, and that end of Duval needs something a little different than the typical party bar. I’ll see you there Late May, Early June.

  20. Paul Murdock

    This bar of yours will make me go down to the crazy end of Duval more often, though the White Tarpon hooked me often Great place to watch the Fantasy Fest parade, every other event. Good luck.

  21. Key West Susie-Q

    See you on The Porch! Can’t wait for you to open! Any chance there will be ceiling fans on the porch?!

  22. Probably going to be less scary then when I did the seance theater in the same room, but good luck I’ll stop by to see if there are any ghosts left….

  23. Joanie

    Chris, what a wonderful location. That is such a gorgeous building. Good luck with everything and I’ll be there as soon as I can!

  24. Cathy

    How perfect! We head down in May 18th-25th. Hope you are open when we get down there. The place is awesome! Cannot wait!

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