The Danish Dilemma: How many beers should you drink at work?

I always thought that a nice benefits package from an employer meant health insurance and a paid vacation but for the employees of a company in Copenhagen, the term “benefits” refers to numerous free beers at work.

Over 800 employees at the world’s fourth largest brewery went on strike this week as Carlsberg Beer Inc adopted a new “only one beer per day while at work” policy.

Let me state that again:

The employees of Carlsberg Beer are now only allowed to drink one beer a day, and only at lunchtime.  Well, doesn’t that just suck all the fun out of the work day?

According to Jens Bekke, a spokesman for Carlsberg, the warehouse workers and the drivers (yes, I said “drivers”) were particularly upset by the new rule because previously they could drink three beers during the work day as well as imbibe during lunch.  Delivery trucks have now been fitted with alcohol locks so that drivers cannot drink and deliver.  However, the alcohol locks will be of little use for now as the massiveness of the strike has caused suspension of shipments of Carlsberg Beer from Copenhagen.

And you thought bartenders were the only ones guilty of drinking on the job!


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